The birth of a podcast.

My name is Graeme Spicer. I’ve spent the last 25 years working in the retail, marketing, advertising and media businesses in Toronto and Chicago, with frequent visits to New York. I’ve worked in ad agencies, held senior level client-side roles (mostly in retail), and most recently completed a couple of short but wild stints in the fascinating and vexing world of digital media. If you’re really interested, I invite you to check me out at LinkedIn, or head over the the About Us page of this website.

I’m a university lecturer and wannabe journalist. I’m a voice actor and former radio deejay. I’ve been an occasional blogger and tweeter. When I see the interesting, the unjust or the just plain weird in the world, I want to write and talk about it.

A few years ago, I approached the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) with a concept for a 30 minute radio documentary series on consumerism. I thought it was an incredibly clever and cheeky pitch. Fortunately, so did the programming people at CBC Radio One, who green-lighted further exploration and the production of a pilot episode.

Then, the latest in a predictable pattern of budget cuts was handed to the CBC by the Canadian federal government. My potential national radio program was stillborn with thanks to Steven Harper and his happy bunch of bureaucrats.

I still think it’s an incredibly clever and cheeky idea. So I’ve decided to produce it anyway and post it for the world to discover here at Subscribe on iTunes. Tell your friends.


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