Ep 002 – It’s a Coca-Cola Christmas; the Internet Meme of 2012 – Gangnam Style


Happy Holidays!

This episode explores the role The Coca-Cola Company has played in forming contemporary concepts of Christmas. We interview Ted Ryan, head archivist at The Coca-Cola Company from Atlanta.

Then we talk with two experts about “Gangnam Style”, the internet meme of 2012. First, Wayne Arnold, CEO of Profero and author of a recent article in Advertising Age on South Korean pop culture; and then Professor David Rowe, from the Institute for Culture and Society at the University of Western Sydney about the concept of internet memes, and what makes something go viral.

Show notes are here.

00:00  Opening
01:10  Interview with Ted Ryan, The Coca-Cola Company
12:03  Interview with Wayne Arnold, Profero
20:20  Interview with Professor David Rowe, University of Western Sydney
30:19  Closing

Ep 001 – Teaser episode; Black Friday 2012 recap


Thank you for checking out this first episode of CONSUMPTION!

This teaser episode tells you a little about what we’re doing here with the CONSUMPTION podcast and why; and then provides a recap of Black Friday retail sales results and an overview of how technology is changing the Black Friday shopping event.

Full show notes can be found here.

Our next episode will be published Monday, December 17th, and will feature stories on the role Coca-Cola has played in creating Christmas as we now know it; and the impact of South Korean pop culture on North America – Gangnam Style!

The birth of a podcast.

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