About us

Us is a little presumptuous.
For now, it’s just me, really. Here’s my bio …


With 25 years of experience in both agency and client environments, Graeme Spicer offers a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing marketers in today’s consumer environment. He is currently a member of the faculty at OCAD University, Canada’s leading school in the areas of advertising, graphic design and new media. He teaches undergraduate courses in strategic thinking, retail branding, advertising research and presentation skills.

As General Manager, Digital Media at NEC Display Solutions of America, he brought a unique perspective to the opportunities and challenges facing the use of emerging digital technologies as an alternative channel for consumer messaging. Previously Graeme was Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Adcentricity, one of North America’s leading digital media strategists, where he helped digital out-of-home networks and retailers build their businesses through the effective utilization of digital media technologies.

He has held positions as Director of Retail Strategy at DW+Partners, Canada’s leading brand name retail consulting firm; General Manager, Marketing for Kmart Canada; and Director, Global Communications for Bata International, where he was responsible for communications and product marketing strategy on a global basis for this integrated fashion manufacturer and retailer.

Graeme has presented at numerous national and international events including DSE (Digital Signage Expo), CETW (Consumer Engagement Technology World), The In-Store Marketing Summit, and for the Canadian Marketing Association.

Graeme has been featured in Marketing Magazine, Strategy Magazine, the Globe and Mail newspaper, the Business News Network, Canadian Business, and Canadian Grocer; and has authored articles for several trade and consumer magazines.